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Head Coaches: Dr. Matt Gilchrist (Cross Country, Winter and Spring) & Jason Franks (Winter and Spring)




Tryout Standards

In the first week of practice, we will hold our tryouts on the first two miles of the Burke Lake Course. In order to make the team, you must meet the standard that is appropriate to your gender and year. (Note: Upperclassman refers to Returning Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors, regardless of experience). Please understand that these standards are not necessarily considered to be of the competitive level, rather they are indicative of one's fitness level and summer preparation, to the standard that they can withstand the difficulty of early-season workouts.

  • Upperclass Boys- 14:00
  • (first year) Sophomore Boys- 14:30
  • Freshman Boys- 15:00
  • Upperclass Girls- 16:00
  • (first year) Sophomore Girls- 16:30
  • Freshman Girls- 17:00

Cross Country Lettering Standards

Burke Lake 2.98 Mile Course

  • Boys= 18:30
  • Girls= 21:30

Note: Due to the fact that the Double Duals Districts have been moved from Burke Lake at the end of the season, we will now also allow you to qualify for a lettering time on a certified 5K course, with an equivalent time. (Note: this must be a standard cross country course that has been used regularly, and not a road race (meaning NOT Charger 5K, nor Lake Fairfax, which seems to change yearly).

  • Boys= 19:20
  • Girls= 22:30
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