2018 Spring Track Returning Athlete Survey

If you are filling this out, it is because you were on the roster for the 2016 Cross Country and/or 2017-18 Winter Track. This survey is simply to confirm that you are still participating this spring, and that you are aware that the same rules apply. Please note that if you have changed any personal info (ie: phone number, address, etc), please be sure to identify it in the box at the bottom. If you did NOT participate in 2017-18 Cross Country or Winter Track(even if you ran cross country,winter or spring track last year), please return to http://www.chargercctrack.com/SpringTrack/Info.html, and click on the Spring Track New Athlete Survey, which is a bit more comprehensive.

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Since signing up for Cross Country/Winter Track, I have changed some of my personal information (cell/home phone number, email address, home address); I am listing such changes below. (Please put n/a if this you have made no changes). *

PLEASE READ: RULES ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I acknowledge that I understand all rules and procedures of the Chantilly High School Track & Field Program, as explained to me in August or November, 2017. This includes, but is not limited to attendance, academic responsibilities, practice, behavior, meets and transportation, substance abuse, and off-campus running. I understand that I still agree to follow such procedures, as can be referenced in the published 2017-18 CHS Track & Field Bible. I affirm my understanding of these rules, and my agreement to follow all rules, by entering my First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name below. *