2017-18 Chantilly Hall of Fame Nominees

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the nomination process for the 2018 Class of the Chantilly HS Cross Country/Track & Field Hall of Fame. As a member of the 2009-2017 classes, or one of a group of former coaches selected, you have the privilege of helping to select this upcoming year's Class. Please refer to the points list found at http://www.chargercctrack.com/Records/HallofFamePoints.html for a complete breakdown of points earned, based upon State, Regional, and District placings, to the best of our knowledge and research. The nomination/selection is a two-part process. You are being asked to select four names who you believe to be most deserving to be considered. This survey will be open for approximately two weeks, from September 4th-16th, 2017. On Sunday, September 17th, we will meet to discuss the nominations and come up with a list of 10 finalists, based upon the nomination. This meeting will be held at 11 am on 9/17 and is open for anyone who wishes to come and contribute. From this list of 10, you will be asked to vote for four members. The final class will be decided at a meeting on Friday, November 17th. The class will be comprised of at least four members, and may include as many as six, if there is strong support for a fifth or sixth person. Holdover Finalists from last year include: Sara Kanamine, Michael Leslie, Samantha Lull, Billy Moore & Kathy Smith.

Please select up to four (4) of the athlete's listed below. In the event that you choose more than 4, the first four will be accepted. *
  Titus Jeffries, Jr- 386 pts
  Michael Scopellite- 182 pts
  Jose Diego Almodiel- 149 pts
  Justin Loh- 94 pts
  Laurie Yarger- 94 pts
  Tiffany Mitchell- 95 pts
  Rhonda Maier- 85 pts
  Genevieve Manley-81 pts
  Erin McMorrow- 79 pts
  Kim Weinberg- 73 pts
  Johanan Sowah- 74 pts
  Laura Winstead- 71 pts
  Darren Almodiel- 70 pts
  Nora Raher- 70 pts
  Debbie Ganster- 67 pts
  Vincent Peters- 65 pts
  Amandeep Singh- 65 pts
  Kisasi Swan- 63 pts
  Rachel Ward- 61 pts
  Darianna Terry- 61 pts
  Brian Kemp- 60 pts
  Dominic Lauchengco- 60 pts
  Paul Paulson- 60 pts
  Amira Idris- 59 pts
  Tina Smith- 58 pts
  Donna Derryberry- 56 pts
  Felicia Maye- 56 pts
  James Schnarrs- 56 pts
  Xaveria Hawvermale- 54 pts
  Raymond Urrutia- 54 pts
  Susan Bessette- 53 pts
  Colleen Davidson- 53 pts
  Bridgett Giles- 53 pts
  Bryan Harrell- 53 pts
  Julia Guinn- 51 pts
  Eric Nguyen- 51 pts
  Miles Ransom- 50 pts
  Megan Toole- 50 pts
  Jason Horn- 49 pts
  Alicia Nance- 47 pts
  Brandon Soleau- 47 pts
  Hannah Boehlert- 46 pts
  Mary Casey- 45 pts
  Derek Drake- 45 pts
  Hernon Henderson- 45 pts
  Tracy Williams- 45 pts
  Julianne Igbokwe- 45 pts
  Kyle Cantrell- 44 pts
  Arvin Daneshmand- 44 pts
  Rachel Reinhardt- 44 pts
  Mike Wrobel- 44 pts
  Colleen Chapman- 43 pts
  Rachel Grochowski- 43 pts
  Eason Recto- 42 pts
  Faris Sakallah- 42 pts
  Mike Kohn- 41 pts
  Bryant Hatcher- 41 pts
  Kristina Trevino- 41 pts
  Cush Eastman- 41 pts
  Altarius Boyd- 40 pts
  Jeff D'Arcy- 40 pts
  Quintin Fleming- 40 pts
  Mark Lannes- 40 pts
  David Muckel- 40 pts
  Sarah Schuster- 39 pts
  Eric Wang- 38 pts
  Todd Anderson- 36 pts
  Derek Childress- 36 pts
  Valerie Bell- 35 pts
  Katie Cordova- 35 pts
  Kendall Raher- 35 pts
  Lauren Crafton- 34 pts
  Efraem Salas- 34 pts
  Adam Huff- 33 pts
  Lauren Powell- 33 pts
  Dustin Ray- 33 pts
  Curtis Sun- 33 pts
  Josh Trikakis- 33 pts
  Robert Herrity- 32 pts
  Andrea McClendon- 32 pts
  Chris Menzel- 32 pts
  Jawan Peterson- 32 pts
  Stephen Cooper- 31 pts
  Fabio Zoltek- 31 pts
  Jarel Highsmith- 30 pts
  Kelsey Irwin- 30 pts
  Carmen Osterling- 30 pts

If you wish to write in a choice in the box below for someone not listed, you may feel free to do so. This may also include a coach/contributor who you think may deserve recognition. Please note, though, that any write-in submission will be subject to determining that they meet the minimum 30-pt requirement for consideration.

For verification purposes, please list your name and email address, documenting that you have indeed submitted your vote. Voting is limited to certain invited coaches, and current Hall of Fame Members. *