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Head Coaches: Dr. Matt Gilchrist (Cross Country, Winter and Spring) & Jason Franks (Winter and Spring)


Winter Track All-State



Laura Johnson- STATE CHAMPION- 500m Dash (1:17.40); 2nd Place- 300m Dash (41.7)


Laura Johnson- 4th Place (tie)- 500m Dash (1:19.30)

Keith Matioli- 6th Place- Long Jump (21' 11")


Terry Bunek- 2nd Place (4-way tie)- High Jump (5' 4")

Doug Clark- 3rd Place- Pole Vault (13' 0")


Terry Bunek- 3rd Place - High Jump (5' 4")


Amy Colvin- STATE CHAMPION- 1600m Run (4:56.90) (STATE MEET RECORD); 2nd Place- 3200m Run (10:41.53)

Dave Patterson- 2nd Place- 1000m Run (2:35.59)

Sarah Colvin- 5th Place- 1000m Run (3:02.9)

Herndon Henderson- 6th Place- 500m Dash (1:07.50)

Girls 4x400m (4:06.57)


Amy Colvin- 2nd Place- 1600m Run (5:01.5)

Sarah Colvin- 2nd Place- 1000m Run (2:59.61)


Hollie Moore- 2nd Place- 3200m Run (11:10.48)

Jim Martin- 5th Place- 300m Dash (35.73)


Gifford Ploetz- 2nd Place (tie)- Pole Vault (14' 3")

Alicia Chiaramonte- 4th Place- Shot Put (38' 1")

Vincent Peters- 4th Place- Pole Vault (13' 6")

Boys 4x400m Relay- 6th Place (3:32.78)


Alicia Chiaramonte- 2nd Place- Shot Put (39' 3")

Brandon Soleau- 2nd Place- 1000m Run (2:35.07)

Carla Brown- 6th Place- 300m Dash (42.05)

Jeff Beno- 6th Place- 500m Dash (1:08.50)


Jim Colling- STATE CHAMPION- 1600m Run (4:18.42); 3rd Place- 3200m Run (9:38.76)

Nhoj Snekcim- STATE CHAMPION- Pole Vault (14' 6")

Jeff Beno- 3rd Place- Pole Vault (13' 6")

1994 (top 3 places published)

Nhoj Snekcim- STATE CHAMPION- Pole Vault (14' 6")

Jim Colling- 2nd Place- 3200m Run (9:32.25); 3rd Place- 1600m Run (4:19.18)

Amandeep Singh-5th Place- 55m Dash (6.57)


Warren Williams- STATE CHAMPION- 1000m Run (2:32.53)

Azibo Smith- 4th Place- Triple Jump (44' 7.5")

Kisasi Swan- 4th Place- 300m Dash (35.91)

Mike Leslie- 5th Place- Shot Put (52' 4")

Eric Post- 6th Place- 3200m Run (9:29.15)

Boys 4x800m Relay- 5th Place (8:05.87)

Boys 4x400m Relay- 6th Place (3:28.68)


Amanda Buell- STATE CHAMPION- 1000m Run (3:00.69)

Eric Post- 2nd Place- 3200m Run (9:28.34)

Azibo Smith- 3rd Place- 55m Hurdles (7.64) (CHS RECORD)

Girls 4x800m Relay- 2nd Place (9:32.61) (CHS RECORD) (Kathy Smith, Colleen Chapman, Laura Winstead, Amanda Buell)

Boys 4x800m Relay- 4th Place (8:05.94)


Eric Post- 2nd Place- 3200m Run (9:13.12) NEW CHS RECORD

Laura Winstead- 5th Place-1000m Run (3:03.49)

Girls 4x800m Relay- 7th Place- (9:42.35)(Kathy Smith, Jen Conlin, Colleen Chapman, Laura Winstead)

Girls 4x 200m Relay- 7th Place- (1:49.91) (Tina Smith, Erin McMorrow, Carin Miller, Bridgett Giles)


Billy Moore- 4th Place- 1600m Run (4:25.43)

Girls 4x400m Relay- 4th Place (4:01.60)


Alyssa Aiken- STATE CHAMPION- 300m Dash (39.30); 3rd Place- 55m Dash (7.20); 4th Place- 55 Hurdles (8.20); 6th Place- Long Jump (17' 11.5")

Gus Schmader- 3rd Place- 300m Dash (35.30); 6th Place- Triple Jump (44' 3.25"); 8th Place- Long Jump (21' 10")

Billy Moore- 5th Place- 1600m Run (4:28.25)

Boys 4x200m Relay- 6th Place (1:32.70) (Eric Wang, Sean Lipsey, Jason Johnson, Gus Schmader)


Alyssa Aiken- STATE CHAMPION- 55m Dash (7.05); STATE CHAMPION- 300m Dash (38.30) ( CHS & STATE MEET RECORD); 2nd Place- 55m Hurdles (8.11)

Carin Miller- 4th Place- 1000m Run (3:00.86)


Jay Kircher-8th Place- Pole Vault (13' 0")


Kristina Trevino- 5th Place- 3200m Run (11:27.68)


Girls 4x200m Relay-4th Place (1:46.13) (Jenny Geldermann, Jasmine Nelson, Mary Casey, Sara Kanamine)

Brad Siragusa- 8th Place- 1600m Run (4:22.47)


Brad Siragusa- 4th Place- 1000m Run (2:32.02) (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)

Dominic Lauchengco- 4th Place- Pole Vault (13' 0")

Nicole Kazuba- 5th Place- Pole Vault (10' 0") ( SCHOOL RECORD)

Girls 4x200m Relay- 5th Place (1:44.85) (NEW SCHOOL RECORD) (Jenny Geldermann, Jasmine Nelson, Adeola Abisogun, Sara Kanamine)


Nicole Kazuba- STATE CHAMPION- Pole Vault (11' 0")

Brad Siragusa- 2nd Place- 1600m Run (4:21.21)

Dominic Lauchengco- 5th Place- Pole Vault (13' 6")


Lia DiValentin-2nd Place-3200m (10:54.46)


Lia DiValentin- 2nd Place- 3200m (10:48.86)

Wes Sun- 6th Place- Pole Vault (13' 6")


Chris Foley- 3rd Place- 3200m Run (9:30.96)

Wes Sun- 3rd Place- Pole Vault (14' 9")

Mohamed Labor-Koroma- 8th Place- 500m Dash (1:07.08)


Chris Foley-2nd Place- 3200m Run (9:22.99)

Mohamed Labor-Koroma- 5th Place- 500m Dash (1:07.31)


Mohamed Labor-Koroma- STATE CHAMPION- 300m Dash (35.18); 2nd Place- 500m Dash (1:04.51); 8th Place- High Jump (6' 1")

Sean McGorty- 5th Place- 1600m Run (4:22.85); 6th Place- 3200m Run (9:33.20)

Nina Ullom- 5th Place (tie)- Pole Vault (10' 0")

Kendall Cowne- 8th Place- 1000m Run (3:00.08)


Logan Miller- STATE CHAMPION- 1600m Run (4:15.48)

Sean McGorty- 6th Place- 3200m Run (9:25.66)


Sean McGorty- STATE CHAMPION- 1600m Run (4:11.68); 2nd Place- 3200m Run (9:06.63)

Logan Miller- 2nd Place- 1600m Run (4:16.01)

Kendall Cowne- 3rd Place- 1600m Run (5:04.60 ); 7th Place- 1000m Run (3:00.74)

Boys 4x800m Relay- STATE CHAMPIONS- (7:52.99) (NEW CHS RECORD)(Johanan Sowah, Andris Sturans, Logan Miller, Sean McGorty)

Girls 4x800m Relay- 5th Place (9:30.27) (Samantha Lull, Megan Toole, Nora Raher, Kendall Cowne)


Ryan McGorty- 3rd Place- 1600m Run (4:20.99)

Jose Diego Almodiel- 5th Place- Pole Vault (12' 9")

Dakota Lange- 5th Place- 3200m Run (9:28.13)

Peyton McClintock- 5th Place -55m Hurdles (7.88)

Eason Recto- 8th Place- 55m Dash (6.64f/6.57p)

Boys 4x200m Relay- 4th Place (1:32.41) (NEW CHS RECORD)(Eason Recto, Darren Almodiel, Andris Sturans, Peyton McClintock)

Boys 4x400m Relay- 6th Place (3:28.78) (Peyton McClintock, Arvin Daneshmand, Brandon McGorty, Andris Sturans)

Boys 4x 800m Relay- 7th Place (8:10.67) (Evan Compton, Dakota Lange, Ryan McGorty, Brandon McGorty)


Brandon McGorty- STATE CHAMPION- 1000m Run (2:28.91)

Titus Jeffries- 2nd Place- 500m Dash (1:04.85)

Ryan McGorty- 4th Place- 1600m Run (4:21.72); 7th Place- 3200m Run (9:40.58)

Jose Diego Almodiel- 7th Place (tie)- Pole Vault (12' 9")

Boys 4x800m Relay- STATE CHAMPION (7:56.02) (Titus Jeffries, Daniel Mitchell, Ryan McGorty, Brandon McGorty)

Boys 4x400m Relay- 3rd Place (3:29.35) (Daniel Mitchell, Titus Jeffries, Justin Loh, Brandon McGorty

Boys 4x200m Relay- 5th Place (1:33.53) (Daniel Mitchell, Darren Almodiel, Peyton McClintock, Justin West)


Brandon McGorty- STATE CHAMPION- 1600m Run (4:13.46)- 6A Meet Record; STATE CHAMPION- 1000m Run (2:28.91)

Jose Diego Almodiel- 5th Place- Pole Vault (13' 0")

Boys 4x400m Relay- STATE CHAMPION (3:24.38) (Conrad Pereira, Michael Scopellite, Brandon McGorty, Titus Jeffries, Jr.)

Girls 4x400m Relay- 5th Place (4:04.18)(Laurel Buck, Olivia LeFrancois, Cecelia Bacon, Simone Jeffries)

Boys 4x200m Relay- 6th Place (1:32.46)(Conrad Pereira, Justin Loh, Michael Scopellite, Titus Jeffries, Jr.)


Brandon McGorty- STATE CHAMPION- 1600m Run (4:13.31)- 6A Meet Record

Boys 4x400m Relay- 6th Place (3:29.89) (Conrad Pereira, Mark Robinson, Jr., Daniel Mitchell, Brandon McGorty)

Mark Harper- 8th Place- Shot Put (47' 9.25")


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