Cross Country Athlete Info

Welcome to the 2018 Chantilly Charger Cross Country program. This survey is designed solely to collect some necessary demographic data, which will remain confidential. I do use it for several things, including setting up my HyTek team data base, in addition to emergency purposes. As such, please be as accurate and thorough in all of your answers.

Last Name *

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Grade in the Fall, 2018 *

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(This should be athlete's cell; if it is not, please indicate users: ie: Mom's Cell)

E-Mail Address *
Each Athlete is expected to maintain an email address that they check regularly. If you don't have one, you either need to establish one ASAP, or use your parent's email address. Most communication is made through email, thus it is important that you have one that you check regularly (daily).

Years of Experience in Chantilly Cross Country *

T-Shirt Size

Middle School *
Only Applicable for Rising 9th Graders (Veterans should respond n/a).

Regarding Spirit Packs: Please indicate if you need to purchase a uniform (team shirt, jersey, shorts), just a team shirt (have jersey shorts from previous track season) or do not need to make a purchase at all. *

If you are a veteran CHS runner, has any information listed changed from the past? *
Please list any changes to your personal information in this list (other than grade). If you have not made any changes or did not run last year, please write "n/a".